Little things


Daily: Garden, Mice, Whips

It is the first time the Whips make an appearance here. Not that I’ve missed them, since this is one of those cards that create difficulties for me, I often just don’t get what it’s trying to say. Plus it can bring rather unpleasant things with it, like fights and arguments. I hope it has none of that in store for me today!

Garden and Mice remind me I am planning to go to library today and I expect a big bill in fines. Oh well, I brought it upon myself really, so can’t complain.

But the Whips? I usually read them as disagreements, or writing. I hope it’s the latter, as I do indeed plan to do some writing today. Mice and Whips could mean I will only do a little bit of it, or that it won’t be much fun, or that I won’t do it at all. These two together look pretty dark, I hope one of the less sinister options manifests today.

Garden and Whips could be the Library. Garden and Book would be a move obvious combination, but it still gets the point across.

The Garden I associate with the outdoors, great big open spaces, gatherings and lots of people. I think today it just means that I’ll be going out and that I’ll walk through the park on my way to the library, something I just realised I haven’t done in a long while.

Deck: Astrologisches Lenormand by Hildegard Leiding


Looking back


The past year: Coffin, Paths, Child, Bear, Fish

How we see or remember things isn’t always very objective. (An understatement or what ;) For example, I consider the year just past to have been one of the worse in my life so far, but looking at this spread I realise things aren’t quite as dramatic. I don’t want to invite fate to send me worse, mind you, it’s just that I didn’t particularly enjoy most of it. Nevertheless, as these things usually go hand in hand, I did learn a lot and I did grow a lot.

The Coffin, Paths and Child read like a linear progression. First, I think the Coffin refers to my illness, which I’m still recovering from and which forced me to make an abrupt, painful and unexpected change of direction (Paths), professionally and otherwise. Like the Tarot Death card though, every ending brings a beginning. Here, the Child. New things, new hopes, fresh outlook. I still have no clue where this new path leads and where I want to go. My thoughts are still largely unformed and immature (Child again).

Like I said, the crux of the whole thing is career related, hence the Bear and the Fish, the Bear I think here stands for the confidence/definition of self/psychological and social aspects of the job, while the Fish refers to the more practical/financial side of things. An interesting play of combinations: Paired with the coffin, these two say that my old source of income/job satisfaction is dead, no more will be coming from there. Paired with the Child, they say something new will take its place. Neat, huh?

The Paths speak of something that was and still is on my mind a lot. The Big Questions. Where do I want to go? What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? Not only job-wise, but in general. I’m still standing at the crossroads, looking this way and that, a bit daunted by all the choices, but excited too. This makes me feel alive and free again (Child).

There’s more to be seen here though. Child+Bear reflect the renewal I have experienced this year in my relationship with my partner, to an extent I almost didn’t dare hope was possible. So: don’t be afraid to aim high with you dreams…

I’ve read somewhere that the Bear is a card of luck and indeed I have been very lucky and shouldn’t forget that. Also, more specifically I have been lucky with money (Fish) and I am grateful for that too.

The Fish, other than money, can refer to temptations, overindulgence and addictions and unfortunately this year had a lot of that too. I’m not a crack addict or anything like that, but addiction can take many forms. Overindulgence as well. It includes all these ‘one more piece of chocolate’ moments, ‘one more hour of watching videos’ moments and so on. Indeed, there was a lot of that. Overall though, it didn’t make me happier. Quite the opposite.

It’s interesting how the Child sits in the centre of the spread. I think the Child here is me. One thing I learned this year is that I lack maturity in some vital ways. I learned it the hard way, but perhaps that’s the only way for lessons like that. I worry that even though I see these shortcomings in myself, I still haven’t moved past them. On the other hand, I also learned not to be too hard on myself and that there is always hope. Wonderful unexpected things are always around the corner. And to be fair, the past year I had a fair portion of those served to me as well!

Deck: Astrologisches Lenormand by Hildegard Leiding

Simple questions, simple answers


So this is what a reading for myself usually looks like, more like a conversation than a spread. I’m basically making it up as I go along, but if you wanted to get fancy about it, you could call it the ‘free flow’ or ‘clustering’ method :)

The topic is a creative project I’m embarking on. This is the heart of the reading and it’s represented by the Letter, the first card I pulled to kick things off. This is something new for me, it relates to something I love but am now trying to take to a different level. So my knowledge is a bit superficial, but also new ideas are flowing in. So far so good!

I’m asking a series of simple questions and pulling a card for each.

Will I work with my friend A. on this, like we said? Mountain. This looks like a no go. Things will turn out in such a way that this will not work out.

Am I better off just doing my own thing when the time feels right? Clover. Yes! Luck will be on my side and things will naturally fall into place. Keep it simple and positive vibes will come my way.

Exploring various options and ways to approach the project:

Options A, B and D – Fox, Mice, Cross. Seems not. None of these seem to be the best way forward.  It is the wrong thing to do, it will frustrate me and it won’t work.

Option C – Key. Yes, that’s it! This is the ‘key’, the solution. The certain way to go.

How to approach it? Rider. Have an open mind and keep an eye out for new information. Something new will enter the equation, I will get new stuff that will help with the project. A friend is arriving from abroad, discussion and ideas exchange with him will help and progress the situation. Most importantly, set things in motion! Don’t just lounge around and do nothing waiting for it all to magically happen on its own. Important advice for me, as I typically do just that.

Finally, where to start. How about reviewing what I already have and know well? Sun. Yup, that’s a very good idea and one that will be crowned with success. Be confident, don’t let self doubt bog you down. Also, stick with happy, positive themes and, finally, think day time rather than night. All of these make sense in the context of the project.

Overall the reading is positive, it tells me to go for it, but stick with what I know best at this stage rather than trying out some new things I was considering. Also, not to wait on anyone else, to get on with it on my own and help or information will come from a new source anyway. Keep it simple and go with the flow.

Sometimes, simple questions are best. If you’re clear about what you’re asking, hopefully the answer will be simple and clear too. While I’ve formulated some questions here in Yes/No terms, when reading I just look for a positive or negative vibe from the card in the specific context, rather than an absolute Yes or No. In this reading I was lucky to get a clear direction. This is not always so, but I have generally found that the simpler the question, the clearer the answer. 

Deck: Astrologisches Lenormand by Hildegard Leiding



Decision spread:

Situation: Ship, Rider
Option 1: Ring, Flowers
Option 2: House, Birds
Advice: Tower, Stork

It’s been a while since I last posted, as I haven’t been much into divination mode lately. Here’s something different, a decision spread I made up on the spot to help me with a financial decision I need to make.

The situation cards do in fact depict the situation quite accurately. There is some money (Ship) coming in (both Rider and Ship) related to work (again Ship). The reading was prompted by a letter I received today (Rider). Both cards have to do with change and motion, which makes sense since I’ve now left that job. The decision very much depends on whether I’ll be going back or not, which I don’t know yet, but I have to decide about the money soon, hence the problem.

Ship+Rider also indicate travel, which has been hinted a lot in my readings the past few months. I get the feeling it may be a ‘big one’, long term travelling or even permanent move, possibly to a different country. I don’t have any such plans currently, but it’s not out of the question. If that’s the case, then I should go for option 2. But more on that below.

Option 1 means I do nothing with the money, which would be beneficial if I returned to the job, but I would lose it if I didn’t. The combo Ring+Flowers looks positive on a first glance, but I’m not so sure it’s the best way to see it. My contract (Ring) has ended as it was a short-term (Flowers) deal. Looking to the future, it could be interpreted that I’ll be offered (Flowers) a new contract (Ring). But that doesn’t feel right and it doesn’t agree with the facts, nor does it agree with my view of the situation and advice cards.

Option 2 basically means take the money and run. The House indicates that this is the safest choice and common sense says the same. The Birds I’m not too sure about. They have negative connotations and I guess I will worry I’m not making the right move.  They can also mean ‘two of something’ and it will be the second time I’m making the same choice. They also have to do with travel, so if I did do any sort of travel I could use the money towards that end.

The advice pair is Tower+Stork. I read this as a big change, long/permanent separation, departure from the institution. This means I will probably not be going back and I’ll be better off doing the certain thing, which would be option 2.

The presence of the Ship, Rider, Birds and Stork in the reading scream ‘travel’ and ‘big changes’ in my inner ear. The presence of the House and the Tower make me think they may be permanent. This has been coming up a lot and it’s very intriguing, so perhaps I need to do a separate reading to find out a bit more about it!

Astrologisches Lenormand by Hildegard Leiding

Traffic lights


Green Light, do this: Fish
Red Light, don’t do this: Birds
Yellow Light, be aware of this: Bear

I thought I’d try something different today, not worry about combinations and just ask for some advice, as I feel so lost. The Fish is interesting advice. It makes me think I should perhaps cook fish today! This is a great idea. Also, to concentrate on pressing financial matters and avoid excess of any kind.

The Birds bring bickering and nervousness and I’m advised to avoid both of these. Again I’m advised not to think negatively and not to worry too much. Plain and simple, but easier said than done.

The Bear is a tricky one. On one hand I think it refers to my partner, who has a difficult day ahead today. I shouldn’t get into any fights with him, but be supportive. Also it could be a few different people who are ‘authority figures’ and I need to be thinking about today. Another connotation of the bear for me is time-related and it reminds me that time flies and it’s Winter Solstice in about two weeks! There are a lot of things that need to be done before then.  Finally, I think it says things are not as bad as it seems and some good luck is heading my way.

Deck: Astrologisches Lenormand by Hildegard Leiding

Yikes again

Daily: Coffin, Mice, Birds

Well, here’s an ugly one. I got an urge to run away when I saw it, I don’t even want to think about it. But, this is meant as practice, so here goes. Coffin+Mice can be illness. Or a painful loss. The birds after these two can be big worries. Or the bad news will come through a phone call (although emails have appeared as  birds too).  All in all, I get a ‘nervous condition’ and ugly things coming to a head. I have an idea what this may be and it comes as no surprise. I just hope it’s not two negative things, as the Birds can also be two of something.

Practising positive thinking: An end (Coffin) finally comes to prolonged (Mice) problems and worries (Mice+Birds). And since daily draws are usually less dramatic than others types of readings, perhaps it’s no biggie.


Advice: Mountain, Rider

The daily looked a bit too grim, so I decided to pull two advice cards. What I get from this is: ‘Overcome (Rider) the obstacle (Mountain). Work hard (Mountain) and send the messages (Rider) you know you must send, even if it’s difficult (Mountain).’ Which makes total sense, I know I have a lot of work to do and it will be hard, it does feel like Everest at the moment, but I know I need to get moving. I also need to contact some people, which I’m dreading a bit but I know it must be done. Solid and down to earth advice, the Lenormand is quite good at that!

Update: Well, no major disasters happened thankfully. I am getting a bit sick though, had a terrible mood all day yesterday and spectacularly failed to follow my own advice. What’s the point of asking for advice if I’m going to do my own thing anyway, knowing full well I’m not doing myself any favours? A question for another day ;)  Also had a phone call, though not a bad one. I guess this is another example of seemingly catastrophic cards describing little things in a daily reading.

Deck: Astrologisches Lenormand by Hildegard Leiding



Daily: Snake, Mountain, Bear

Yikes indeed. I’m sure there are some positive ways to view this, but to be honest it looks pretty grim. I almost don’t want to go into it. The snake again. Mountain+Bear spells out powerful enemy to me, together with the Snake, powerful enemy that will act in a sneaky way? Or that I need to be sneaky/clever to deal with them? Snake+Bear have ‘work’ connotations. I need to be very very careful today.

Trying to think positively: The Snake can be a windy road that allows a seemingly insurmountable obstacle (Mountain) to be overcome or bypassed (Bear for luck, success). If you can’t beat your enemy head on, try to go around them? I’ll have a go…

Update: Well, I really need to add ‘temptation’ to my list of Snake meanings. At the top! After the fact interpretation of yesterday’s combo: ‘Giving in to temptation will prove to be an insurmountable obstacle to achieving your goal.’ Which is what happened.

Deck: Astrologisches Lenormand by Hildegard Leiding